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The Crowdfunding page :

Dear community,

For a long time, game creation tools flourished through the web, allowing many people to create their own RPG. Everybody (including myself) worked hard on projects that were important to us. Some of them successfully published their creations, some didn’t, but the most important thing was the team work and the fabulous cohesion between participants.

Today, I’d like to present a new support in order to create video-games to your desires : MyRPG. This name certainly means nothing to you as there actually are so many development tools, but let me explain why this one sure will gain your interest! (Beware, all that we’re talking about in that article is the product of a work in progress, currently in development)

[u][b][i]Let’s take 2D and add an axis![/i][/b][/u]

We all know RPG Maker XP and Game Maker, they allowed us to express our creativity without being concealed by our lack of knowledge in programming. Nonetheless, they are limited to 2 dimensions. Indeed, many of us would love to create 3D video games while keeping the speed and simplicity of the map edition. Well, that is exactly the purpose of MyRPG, through its very own 3D engine, based on Torque3D (which visual capacities are already known) with numerous additions such as a spell editor and plenty of other things. Give your players the ability to walk at night in a dark forest, holding an axe, Skyrim like!

[u][b][i]Let the tool be more simple, not the result![/i][/b][/u]

Our software thereby allows striding the 3D path, as tortuous as it might be. We didn’t forget you, and we’ve been seeking to simplify our tool to the extreme, putting aside all streaks of complexity. Indeed, the main SDK for 3D game creation are very competent and allow doing huge amounts of things of all kind, but they are so complex that the user needs plenty of time to understand how to use it to create fights, manage resources, events and display. Once again, MyRPG is there to give you a wise mix between 3D performances and the simplicity of the SDK for 2D. Here is a screen of the actual edition interface, which we still need to simplify so anybody can use it without prior knowledge of it.

[u][b][i]Because multiverse isn’t only a scientific notion![/i][/b][/u]

For non-initiated, a multiverse is a space where plural universes are coexisting. In MyRPG, this sentence gains all of its meaning with the infinite possibilities offered by our software in terms of creativity. You want to keep it standard and do a medieval game? No problem at all, but you have to know you can create a sci-fi universe too, as well as a contemporary or a fully invented one! At that point, I can already see you saying: “Ok, but we will have to create textures for all of those universes, that’s a phenomenal amount of work to do…”. It is indeed a colossal task, that’s why we already did it for you. No, you’re not dreaming: our graphical database is currently four times as big as the very first one of the extremely famous World of Warcraft! This library includes numerous textures, buildings, characters, sceneries, spells… Speaking of spells, they are generated by a specific engine using thousands of particles that can be generated at any moment (and are, of course, fully customizable)! Here is a simple fire spell on a poor enemy…

[u][b][i]A skilled team behind an ambitious project[/i][/b][/u]

All of what you can see on the screenshots is already totally operational, and this includes the 3D engine, 3D display in itself, interactions between characters, fighting system and plenty of other things. As you can see, this project CAN be done, and it will, with your help. A team of 11 persons will be working on it, mixing students and professionals:

- 2 IT specialists

- 1 Self-employed IT specialist

- 1 level-designer (world creation)

- 1 GUI-designers (graphic interface and ergonomics)

- 1 artists (3D modelisation et graphics)

- 2 composers

[u ][b][i]To concretize this, we need you![/i][/b][/u]

Indeed, the first part of the development will occur this summer so we can release an Alpha of the software in the beginning of September 2014. That will allow offering a paid and very qualifying summer job to about ten students. In order to face all the fees of that big project (hardware, a place to work, salaries…), we chose the participative funding on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. We just launched that campaign, so we need funds ! Unfortunately, not everyone has money to give on the internet, but if you want to help anyway, we also need to be as noticeable as possible on the Web, so we get as many donators as possible. That’s why a simple like from you on our facebook wall ( and a follow on our Twitter ( would be a great benefice for us, really! Furthermore, if you want to talk about the project to your friends and virtual acquaintances, please do: you would participate to the future success of MyRPG!

More information to come in a few days! Thank you for having spent some time reading this!

The MyRpg team

PS : go check our website www.myrpg.eufor more information!

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No thanks

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You're begging for money.

Sure, it's an elaborate beg, but that's what it is. And I assume that's against the terms of use of this site, which I'm guessing you never did, because nobody does.

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@kraken2109 said:

You're begging for money.

Sure, it's an elaborate beg, but that's what it is. And I assume that's against the terms of use of this site, which I'm guessing you never did, because nobody does.

We've had plenty of begging threads on this forum. Every thread made by BRHD in the OT was him begging people to watch his Youtube videos, that guy never got into any trouble. We get tons of threads with people begging to look at their project here in the PC forum, and we have even received a decent amount of threads of people simply asking for games. I honestly don't think moderators care that much about the whole begging thing these days.

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It's funny to consider us like beggars. We are just pre-selling MyRPG. MyRPG Alpha will start end of september. Something else ?