Borderlands online play free?

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#1 Posted by Morphic (4345 posts) -

Is Borderlands co-op and multiplayer free on PC? I have a feeling it is, but i could of sworn there was a PC game that required Xbox live subscription.

#2 Posted by crazy-player (2908 posts) -
PC gaming online is free, except for MMORPG's.
#3 Posted by Drazule (8694 posts) -
Games for Windows Live used to need an xbox subscription but not anymore. No PC game should pay to run on a service like that.
#4 Posted by Morphic (4345 posts) -

Yeah I was more than sure it was free, just wanted to check.

#5 Posted by simardbrad (2355 posts) -

I don't even think borderlands uses GFWL by the way... The box would say Games for Windows on the top

#6 Posted by kilaan (844 posts) -
Nope, it uses Gamespy.