Best weapon and Armor in Oblivion ???

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What is the best of the best ? for both armor and weapons ?


Also is there a way to lvl up a spell ? as in increase its rank to 2 or somthing ? or do you have to just keep using the same spell over and over to increase its rank ?



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i havent played for ageeeeeeeeees, but i guess the best armour is at the end when u complete the game if i am correct,not sure about weapon. i may be wrong,like i havent played for ages.
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Daedra armor kit with a bunch of sigil stones is way better than the mediocre armor you get at the end of the game, at least for me.
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Daedra armor kit with a bunch of sigil stones is way better than the mediocre armor you get at the end of the game, at least for me.koderre

Agreed. Alternatively, if you finish the main quest at too low of a level, so the sigil stones are not that great (I believe they are leveled), you can always enchant your daedra armor (with shield, etc). Also the shield from Chorral (obtained after level 20 or 25), the amulet of the axes, a hood from the Knights of the nine expansion, etc, and some rings, give so much damage refelection that enemeis will kill themselves when they attack.

For swords I like Goldbrand with Umbra's sword to recharge the azzura soul gem. It's possible, I believe, to enchant custom swords that are even better.

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I always use the Silver longsword. 

P.S. I installed OOO and it killed the perfomance of the game!  I guess I will try it with bloom turned off but thats kind of lame.

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Daedra armor is the best in the game. There isn't a way to level up a spell, you simply have to buy another spell. If you're just starting out check out the discount spell shop in the Imperial city market place.
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Deadra is the best HEAVY armor in the game, but the best light armor is Glass, correct?
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about the magic level,u cant lvl actual spells but u can lvl the skill (destruction, restoration, summoning weapons (cant remember what that ones called), you know, the basic stuff). Im pretty sure u can go to a trainer, but it costs money
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daedra is best heavy armor, i think glass is best light, and for the weapon, its prolly some enchanted/magic weapon
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daedric armor and weapons are the best. if u want power out of your blade then use a daedric claymore
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Also, the best spells are ones you can craft on your own. Like an Area of ffect fire spell that also has a weakness to fre effect. You can create some crazy stuff.
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right right i know you all may want to be the best have you ever considerd cheats look press the button directly under escape click on a target type in kill bam dead type coc testinghall to take you to a area with every item in the game email me for more cheats bigjack
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The best armor in the game is actually the Perfect Madness Armor you can get while running the Shivering Isles expansion. It's enchanted.

As far as weapons go, the absolute best are weapons from mods. I use the Apocalypse Sword as one of my sword mods.

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Without Shivering Isles Daedric is the best heavy armor, Glass is the best light armor and Daedric are the best weapons. With Shivering Isles Perfect Madness armor is the best heavy armor, Perfect Amber armor is the best light armor, and Perfect Madness weapons are the best weapons.

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Mods are the best armor in the game imo.

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Best Armor? Ebony upgraded with Sigil stone and teh reflect shield you get from the daedra lord in Colovia. Best weapon? Goldbrand. . .

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Best Armor? Ebony upgraded with Sigil stone and teh reflect shield you get from the daedra lord in Colovia. Best weapon? Goldbrand. . .


Ebony has a lower armor rating than Daedric and Perfect Madness armor and there are many different ways to enchant your own weapons that will be better than Goldbrand, actually.

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Even if you enchant your weapons yourself, the built-in limitations keep you from equalling a modded sword.

Apocalypse Sword stats:

Fire Damage 15 points on strike

Frost Damage 15 points on strike

Damage Health 15 points on strike

Shock Damage 15 points on strike

Charge: 3800/3800 Uses: 34

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If u have the add on shivering isls the heavy armour u get from there is i found the strongest even got rid of my maxed out daedric armour my char was at like level 40 with 125 armour rating i think it was. was a while ago now tho. but yeah id say thats the best

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get the grey fox hat yea !

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Anything that shoots bullets is the strongest weapon in oblivion

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Umbra and Firebrand are maybe the most powerful standard -not custom- swords in the game. About armors, not sure: maybe daedric.

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no your spells don't level up, your rank for destruction illusion conjuration etc. does however. as you get to journeyman, expert, master you get to BUY new spells. they don't level up them selves. or if you hand in all the recommendations to the arcane university you can now make your own spells which can be very useful. i think the best heavy armor is daedric if you enchant it. i have the perfect madness armor as well its not as good. the best sword damage wise is umbra. its enchanted to soul trap for 120 seconds on strike. however other then that you can get a daedric sword which is the 2nd best damage wise and enchant it yourself to do 40 fire, lighting, or frost damage for 1 second on strike with a grand soul gem with a grand soul. as i did. the perfect madness sword only did 15 damage for me while the deadric did 21 and umbra 25. you start finding daedric armor/weapons around lvl 21 and up id say. if you want umbra you can get it it an aylied ruin south west of the imperial city named vindasel i believe. the girl who drops umbra also dropped ebony armor for me however i heard she might drop other armor at lower levels not sure. THERE YA HAVE IT!