best race in warhammer 40k dark crusade

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#1 Posted by kroxfire (189 posts) -
i recon the best is the necrons even tho they can be a little slow to begin with they are just so hard to bring down
#2 Posted by Dopemonk736 (2731 posts) -
Space Marines!!!
#3 Posted by Karl319 (4390 posts) -
Space Marines!!!Dopemonk736
Damn right! For the Emperor!
#4 Posted by Judza (4637 posts) -
It's a toss up between the Necrons, Space Marines and Imperial Guard.
#5 Posted by Doom_HellKnight (12211 posts) -
I love the Necrons. I also like the Space and Chaos Marines.

#6 Posted by Jinroh_basic (6413 posts) -

due to balance issue, Tau and Necrons are generally more powerful. but, according to the official ladder, Orks is actually the most powerful faction ( which many would disagree ). so it really depends on how you look at it.

#7 Posted by gogators4life (4654 posts) -
Space marines, all though I really like the new DarkEldar. :)
#8 Posted by Drazule (8694 posts) -

space marines

they realy chould add more poll choices, you there can be a poll here

#9 Posted by _Pedro_ (6829 posts) -
necrons and space marines.
#10 Posted by DDX2 (6317 posts) -

Imperial Guard!

"Glory for the first man to die!"

#11 Posted by kroxfire (189 posts) -

orks are pretty dammed good dunno bout them being the best but

space marines rock ass but choas marines pawn them

#12 Posted by Lonelynight (30041 posts) -
Imperial Guards and Tau are my favorites
#13 Posted by thusaha (14495 posts) -
I like Tau.
#14 Posted by bobalot125 (25 posts) -
I like tau.... partly because I collect tau.
#15 Posted by vitriolboy (4356 posts) -

Space Marines are my favourites

#16 Posted by Orcishman05 (210 posts) -

Clearly, you dogs don't serve the Greater Good. Tau all the way.

#17 Posted by Ein-7919 (3490 posts) -

Why did this thread get bumped? It is over a year old and was resting peacefully.

Oh, and Eldar are my personal favorite.

#18 Posted by aliblabla2007 (16756 posts) -

I like tau.... partly because I collect tau.bobalot125

What was the bump for?

Anyway, Imperial Guard.

#19 Posted by Orcishman05 (210 posts) -

Wow, it is a year old. It was at the top of the list when I clicked forums. And, Eldar are girly space elves.

#20 Posted by nblckk (25 posts) -
Bumpity bump bump, also imperial guard, or necrons!
#21 Posted by AdobeArtist (23085 posts) -

Bumpity bump bump, also imperial guard, or necrons!nblckk

No, we do NOT bump 2 year old threads.