Best case for £45-55?

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Hi guys, just wondering if you could help me find a nice case for £45-55 mark. I know it wont be amazing for that price but I want something that will be of reasonable quality and have good airflow and space. So far i'm considering the zalman z11 but not to sure about the wide front end although it seems a good option. Any other suggestions?

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I have used this case for all 4 builds I have done and have had great results.

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I'd go with this one:

if you can squeeze 7 more pound you can get this

which is a bit better

Also this one is quite good as well

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Cooler Master has some pretty cheap cases.

This one grabs my eye.

Shit, you can even get a HAF for around that price:

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Corsair 200r

Corsair 300r

Antec 300

Coolermaster Centurion 6

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Thanks guys will look into them

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Here is another option Rosewill CHALLENGER