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It's been quite a while since I've played pc games seriously and I've gotten pretty far behind on the current hardware knowledge. Basically I'd like to either upgrade what I have or just start again with a new build since mine is pretty old (2008). Here's what I'm working with:

- 4870 512 MB

- E8400 @ 3.00 Ghz


- 750 Watt PSU

From what I've been researching, it looks like either the i5 2500k or 3750k is the way to go CPU-wise. My current mobo doesn't support that socket type nor does it support DDR3 memory. I really hate to be -that guy- but I'm not too sure where to branch off from here. Any suggestions on a set up that isn't -too crazy- would be extremely helpful! Thanks.

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What is your upgrade budget?
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What is your upgrade budget?General_X
indeed, getting a 2500k or saying you will is nice and all but if your maximum spending limit is not there then its not gonna happen

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Looking around $800 or so as a budget.