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no campaign sadly

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i've never seen a shotgun in Arma why do people expect it in arma3?

Also im finding plenty of contento in Arma 3 with the showcase missions and custom missions.

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There is tons of content. Given, it's user created, but there is tons. Was it launched too early? Yes, but there is still tons to do.

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@lawlessx: Theres an m1014 and Saiga 12k in Arma 2.

Anyway this topic is pointless, there is already hours of single player and multi player content in Arma III, both official and user created.

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They would have gotten higher review score if they actually put more content because reviewers aren;t going just look for user generated content I guess that wasn;t a big concern.

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I don't know why people continue to discredit the user made content.. Why? Because it isn't "official?" A lot of user generated content are good to superb. That's Arma in a nutshell.

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people are expecting alot from this campaign...boy will they be in for a shock.

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Nothing wrong with user generated content I think a lot of people expect the dev to release all the content at launch they did promise a story driven campaign. Overall I don't think its a good idea to release a game at full price when it is missing some content. It can give them a bad rep for not releasing what was promise for those who bought the game.

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@godspellwh: yet. Also do soldiers n the front line even use shotguns? This isn't Call of duty.

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It says there will be free 3 dlc story missions later this month so after that when they release more will you have to pay full price of another £29,99. Wish I didn't bother buying arma 3.

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Wait, don't you love Arma 3 Jebus? Or at least you were a big support of Arma for a long time before it came out.

Changed your mind?

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@skipper847: No the three part story DLC is free.

Everyone is complaining about Arma III having no content yet it has more official content than 9/10 games released nowadays. Sure theres not as much in it compared to Arma II but considering the shitty year Bohemia have had they did extremely well to put as much as they have into Arma III and they continue to improve the game past its release, the new content in todays dev build is testiment to that.

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@pelvist: I no the 3 part DLC be free but was I said was will the next DLC after these been released will you have to pay for them?. :)

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@skipper847: If there are any expansion packs like OA, PMC, BAF etc then they wont be free. But all the stuff they intended for the final game that didnt make it in before release will be free.

The three story missions are the full campaign that was originally intended to be in the game at release but wasnt ready in time. This will be released in three parts "Survive", "Adapt" and "Win". The first part "Survive" should be live before the end of this month.