An old Wilderness Survival Rpg game I can't seem to find

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I need a bit of help. A few years ago I played a shareware game, and now I can't find it because I forgot it's title... The game seemed like an old one, with roguelike gameplay and graphics, but it was focused on survival in the wilderness. You had to chop wood, make your tools, find berries, a lot of fishing, building a shelter, etc. It had a lot of roleplaying elements, such as classes and skills. The game was designed to work on windows I guess, and it had colored graphic tiles. I really hope some of you guys cand help me. Thanks ;)

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Was it 3D? Was it Flash?

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It was an old game, not 3d and not flash. Basic windows graphics I guess.

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Was it Stranded 2? That sounds exactly what you're talking about and its free to play.

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I finally found the game, It's called UrW ( the UnReal World)