An awesome low graphics FPS

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Quake 3 Arena(i still play it)CS:SCoD:2
my 2 cents...
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Quake 2

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Doom :P
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UT2004? CS1.6
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Unreal Torunament 1, Counter Strike Condition Zero, Quake 1-2, Quake 3 Arena
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Painkiller! One of the best optimised games ever in my opinion
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Yes, Painkiller may not be the most amazing fps ever but it isincredibly welloptimized. It's a blast too!
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Battlefield 1942.
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Halflife 1
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What card you have and how much gigs you have? If the card has atelast 256mb and Shader 2.0 support then I'd say try the UT3 demo. Oh and 1 gig of ram won't hurt.

Well I'd say UT 2004, Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (its free and tons of mod support), Silkroad (free MMORPG), Battlefield 2, and America's Army (free fps from the US Army and it doesn't suck omg right?).

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CS 1.6, UT2004
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Shogo:MAD !!
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Counter-Strike 1.6 the god of CS.
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Battlefield 1942.
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CS 1.6,Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
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Duke Nukem!!!
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CoD or CoD2 CSCZ
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FarCry has awesome graphics and doesnt require a lot. I also Suggest UT2004, Rainbow Six 3, CoD2 and Chronicles of Riddick.
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Deus EX. Low price,30-40+ hours of gameplay,great story, excellent mods.
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No One Lives Forever 1 and 2 (I bought the original for $2 at EB Games), Quake 3, CS 1.6, Half Life 1.
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i recently picked up devastation and its good. twas getting bad reviews when it came out, although the complains were about technival issues mainly. it uses the unreal engine and its one of the first games that had realistic ragdoll effects and physics, its a lot of fun. and with the patches the technical issues are long gone... give it a try

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Half Life Source and Jurrasic park tresspaser rogue trooper rainbow six 3 half life 2 if model detail set

to low Counter-Strike Counter-Strike-Source if model detail set to low

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Deus Ex

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Just how low are we talking about?

Maybe Medal of Honor Frontline

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Battlefield 1942 with Desert Combat Extended (DCX) mod.

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As mentioned BF 1942 and DC Mod

No One lives forever 1

Both of these I can play on my $200 netbook at max graphics

AVP2 also runs fairly well. COD 1 runs ok, Medal of Honor AA, Halo Combat evolved.

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medal of honor allied assault!

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halo PC.

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Unreal Torunament 1, Counter Strike Condition Zero, Quake 1-2, Quake 3 Arenapsycho_chan13

You guys should revisit my 1999 Poll with UT '99 and Quake 3 both in the Championship.

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Half Life 1, hands down...
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