AMD & Raptr release Gaming Evolved Control Center.

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Hate mucking around in PC game graphics menus? NVIDIA's got an app for that -- and now, AMD does too. The chipmaker has teamed up with Raptr, a video game-focused social network, to launch Gaming Evolved: a suite that offers tools for chat, takes screenshots and even tweaks game settings for better performance.


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So its a combo of the Raptr desktop app and Nvidia's GeForce Experience?

Seems like an interesting idea. Is it only for AMD GPU's?

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@The_Animator420: yep.

Its their answer for the geforce experience basically.

I think relying on the raptr community for the best configuration for the game based on specs comparitive may end up with a better result then the GeForce Ex.

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Only tried it on bioshock infinite so far and it changed my resolution to 720p >_<

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I've been using Raptr for many years. But this whole Geforce experience/Evolved thing seems just pointless.

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it could be really good for certain games, like the most popular stuff like league of legends. but it will only be as useful as how its users use it.

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Sounds great for people who don't know what they're doing.

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I dl'ed it recently, I only have 1 game that works with it lol.

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Out of the several hundred major titles I have installed, it had support for three of them, and it didn't seem to work at all with them.

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Raptr has been around for a while and I have enjoyed using it to track the games I play. So, I tried using the Gaming Evolved Control Center to optimize settings for Wow, Borderlands 2, Diablo 3, Far Cry 3/Blood Dragon, & DOTA 2 - but, it didn't improve anything at all. In fact, it decreased performance in each case : /

This may be a result of me using a Crossfire setup, which combines 2 AMD cards...or maybe they just need time to iron out the kinks?

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it's beta..