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hey everyone i was reading through somthing and saw dat the 8800gtx has not bein proberly tested on a direct x 10 games its only compatible to it does anyone think it will strugle on some of the new direct x 10 games in the future wat does everyone think of the new 8800gtx anyone got one how does it run and does anyone no where i can get the best computer for the buck from ???????thanx
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Oh god, my head! Please I'm willing to let spelling go but use full stops. They are essential in forming sentences without which language ceases to have meaning. The answer to your main it hasn't been tested on a fully working DX10 game because none exist. Having said that it does work with DX10, in tech demos and in early builds of games such as Crysis and it may actually run better with DX10 games. You will just have to wait and see. As to how it plays current DX9 games, it is simply the best and fastest video card out there right now. Now while you wait for DX10 games go find that fullstop button on your keyboard, please.
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it ant that hard to read without full stops (.) :-)
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I agree with burning, grammar in PC hardware is not very important, I didn't even notice until you brought it out.
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Oh and to answer your question, they should work with al ldx10 games, but havn't been tested, I would expect a developer to test a dx10 game on it. I would personally wait for the ati 2800xtx, from ati Its gonna be kickass
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If it doesn't actually work with DX10 games, nvidia will get sued hard, since it says its DX10 comaptible on the box.
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Even if it does have compatibility issues at first...thats what drivers are for.  :)
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Even if it does have compatibility issues at first...thats what drivers are for.  :)habitat
wat do you mean drivers soz kinda blonde here :-( lol