[2014] My first Free to Play MMO with SEA or near servers

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Hey guys, I am new here, and also new to MMO

Can you please suggest me any good F2P MMO I can start with (any sub-genre)? I want to experince them since I never played one and know more about the terms, play styles, player-player interaction etc. And tell me if I should use steam client for downloading and playing, Also please tell me what are the features and special points about the MMO

P.S.- Please exclude B2P suggestions like GW2. Also, I would like to skip the anime MMOs, although their suggestions are welcome if you think they are good.

Thank You all

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Not sure if Firefall has an Asia server.

It's similar to Borderlands only that it is an MMORPG. Here's one video I saw about it. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/9645-Firefall-Free-To-Play-MMO-Review