200 pound Gpu - whats my best bet?

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Building a pretty run of the mill PC, 3570k, atx case, 8gb ram, ssd blah blah, whats my best with a £200 budget for a GPU? found this http://www.ebuyer.com/397601-asus-gtx-660-directcu-ii-2gb-gddr5-dual-dvi-hdmi-displayport-pci-e-gtx660-dc2o-2gd5 for £186... good deal?

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This or a 7870. The 7870 offers a bit more performance in general and a better bundle of free games
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merci monsieur, always been an AMD fan really, thank you very much for your wisdom

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Now I have no idea what the best 7870 is -.-

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Faster than the 7870.

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Now I have no idea what the best 7870 is -.-

MSI's Twin Frozr is awesome for cooling, as well as Gigabyte's triple fans(got one myself now and used to have a MSI) Asus's Direct CU is usually overclocked and best performance out of the box with good coling. XFX usually has lifetime warranty but heard bad stories about them
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Yep, that's a good GPU for your budget. Pay £50 extra and you'll get this - http://bit.ly/QOmeN5, the GTX 660 Ti which is a better GPU.
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think ill go for http://www.scan.co.uk/products/2gb-msi-radeon-hd-7870-twin-frozr-oc-4800mhz-gddr5-28nm-gpu-1050mhz-hdmi-mdp this when it's out at £180 and the connections and design I prefer I think its my best option, not too fussed about bundled games to be honest

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7870 is far better than GTX 660 due to massive overclocking capability. 7870 is certainly the best price/performance upper tier card of this gen.

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GTX 660 or AMD 7870

See if you can find a 7870XT, it's faster than both (sort of between a 7870 and 7950)