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#1 Posted by Ravenchrome (1776 posts) -

Anyone has any idea of running this game on newer OS?

The compatibility mode didn't work when I tried it.

#2 Posted by Maddie_Larkin (6628 posts) -

should work with dosbox.

I play it on a 64 bit Vista, no problems here, mine is steambought hto, since I lost the old cd with ufo/syndicate :( (best combipack ever bought :P)

#3 Posted by simardbrad (2355 posts) -

Well of course you can't run it natively on Windows 7.

Get DosBox and it'll work quite fine though.

#4 Posted by broken_bass_bin (7514 posts) -

You won't be running DOS games on Windows 7 without using DOSBox... and I've yet to find a DOS game that won't run in DOSBox.

#5 Posted by Falconoffury (1717 posts) -

Do you have the Windows 98 collector's edition version or the DOS version?

#6 Posted by RK-Mara (11488 posts) -
DOSbox is your friend.
#7 Posted by skrat_01 (33767 posts) -
Yep, DOSBox. Speaking of which, I should obtain it for my phone. X-COM mobile. Hnnng,