X-COM ENEMY UNKNOWN FOR $25! and more (Amazon sales part 2)

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X-com enemy unknown $25 (Steam)


Borderlands 2 $30 (Steam)


Syndicate $5(origin)


Kingdom of Amalur complete $12 (Origin)

Note: You'll recieve a $5 promotional credit for every purchase. You can use this credit towards any "Editor's Choice" game downloads on January. Check the page for individual games for more information regarding this.

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Good find, purchased. Free bump get

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Damnit, I am so pissed I payed full price a few weeks ago. I finished AC3 on my 360 in like 6 days or so and traded it in (to get extra credit back from GS) for a Steam card, which I then used to purchase XCOM. Not pissed about the game it is awesome, just wish I had held onto the Steam card until this weekend. Oh well, such is life.