Wow AT&T....really?

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So, I stopped by my grandmother's house this morning and while I was there I filled out a few forms online that I forgot to do at home and noticed how ridiculously slow the internet is at her house. I did a speed test and it came out to 1.52 download, .92 upload (Mbps), then I asked her which ISP she had and what her plan was. Her answer: AT&T 1.5 Mbps internet for $35.95 a month..... So, long story short, after a 20 minute phone call calling at&t out on their bullshit, she now has 12 Mbps for $24.95 a month.

1: Shame on you AT&T, you bastards.

2: You're welcome Grandma lol.

3: For those reading this, find out what your speeds are with a test and compare it to what you are paying, with ISPs like Google Fiber offering 1000Mbps for $70, 12Mbps for $25 is still ridiculous in my opinion, but with limited choices for ISP, my Grandma is now paying a much more acceptable price/speed ratio for internet (1.5mbps for $36!?!? Are you F***ING KIDDING ME!??!).

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well done mate....

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It really is very unethical for technology companies to take advantage of their customer's ignorance like this. I bet AT&T aren't the only ones. Good on ya for stepping up for your grandma like that.

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25 bucks for 12mbps isn't bad. I pay 45 for 15mbps. Is that just a promotion period? I wish I had options. I only get 150gb a month data usage too. Not much when you stream use laptops/pcs/tablets and have all the video game consoles.

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My family had something similar happen with AT&T.

The bill was $180 for three generic phones and a smart phone (4 total phones). My family went in there and when they left they had an ipad + one of the generic phones switched to an LG2 and the bill came out the same

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I used to work for a phone company, many years ago. I remember when people used to lease their phones from the phone company. I remember one old lady paying a $12 monthly fee for her phone nearly 20 years. The fee is listed as "equipment fee" and no one knows what it is, so they just pay their bill. Yep, she was renting a $20 phone for $12/mo for almost 20 years.....

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Yeah that's disgusting, just think your grandma is certainly not the only one and I bet others are worse off, paying a price for when broadband was only just released and getting the same speeds. I pay £7 a month for 20Mbps. I can't believe just how much America is being held hostage by these companies.

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Damn AT&T lte on my phone gives me anywhere from 10 - 55 mbps, at those rates your Grandmother would be better off just purchasing a wifi hotspot, but only if she doesn't use it for netflix and stuff like that.

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You can always come to Canada and pay $80+ tax for the same thing.
No, really. You have it good compared to some places. Feel free to pay my bill though!

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@fatee: My goodness...thats ridiculous, by today's standards, everyone should be paying what @JohnF111 is paying. That should be the lowest speed and price in my opinion (actually, it could be but greedy corporations are holding us back).

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@Chatch09: It's not every region here, but a good portion of it. You guys have good-guy Google laying down fibre, so all is not lost!

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Years ago (Battlefield 2 just released) when we first got ATT our speed wasn't much better but it was the only option. We didn't find out they added faster speeds until a few years later when it finally seemed too slow. Could've been she was just on an old plan and they finally got that U-verse stuff out there. Despite the situation, it's still incredibly underhanded for them to do this.

I now have Surewest/Consolidated Communications (hate the new name so much) and with 25/25 it's been great. Need a new router though. Signal doesn't reach the back rooms very well and I often have connection hiccups because of it.

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Same issue in Europe. The ISPs happily fk you in the ass until you ring them and ask if there is a better offer available.

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I hate hearing stories of companies taking advantage of their ignorant customers like that.

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It's called a monopoly and it's a result of capitalism. It's what Republicans don't tell you while they're busy shouting about pro-life issues, immigration, and muh jahbs/gunz. In my area it's either ATT or Comcast, and both are terrible options. My friend who lives out of the city only has one option. Literally one option. In 2014.

There is/was a proposal in Congress to make it illegal to tack on those bogus charges, but I can't remember if it was only with mobile providers or what happened to the bill in general. I'm sure it was shot down by the same pro-business idiots who are allowing the Time Warner "merger."

In the end, it's your own dumbass fault for not reading the bill and questioning every little detail. It's common knowledge that businesses will take advantage of you in any and all possible ways. There's literally no excuse any longer because a thirty-second Google search will tell you exactly what each item is and if it's legitimate. You no longer have to spend an hour with customer service; it literally takes less than a minute.

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Getting information about isps or anything really from gamespot is a terrible idea when there are posts like krazyorange's.

dslreports is a better idea.

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Think I get 60/10 for the equivalent of 80$-100$.. That's with a data cap of 1.2 TB though.

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And I thought that the $10 per month I am paying for 15mbps (they are advertising up to 24mbps w/e) and unlimited download was garbage...

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AT&T used to be the provider when I lived in Connecticut. DSL. Paid for the 5mbps plan, was around $30 a month. It got slower and slower each year for some reason, eventually settling near 256k speeds, practically unusable. The bill also mysteriously went up to $60 a month when it did that. Call em up, what does AT&T say? They no longer service my town, the DSL 'node' is now too far away. Thanks for telling your customers, asswipes.

Oh, and to top it off...regardless of the bandwidth I was getting, if someone so much as loaded a youtube video in the house while I was in an online game, my ping would hit 10,000. I now live in a different state and have Comcast Comcrap, but at least I get the speeds I pay for...sometimes more.

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I recently realised that my ISP (Virgin Media) were ripping me off. My whole package (TV, land line and internet) was costing me nearly £90 a month and they started advertising the same deal (with a better TV box) for £56 a month to existing customers. I spent over 20 minutes arguing with a sales rep on the phone about how I was paying more and getting a lesser service than the advertised. She eventually told me it was only available to new customers and that they were more valuable to Virgin than me, a customer of 17 years! (not her exact words but that was the gist of the conversation) So I hung up and decided to go to the competition (Sky) even though their internet service is massively slower but a lot cheaper than £90 a month.

Anyway I phoned a different Virgin number with the intention of cancelling, spoke to a different sales rep and explained the situation. Long story, short within 2 minutes I had my package changed to £56 a month, new TV box, a new modem that could properly handle 152Mb/s (apparently what I should have been getting, I was on 120Mb/s) and an engineer booked for the end of the week, free of charge, to install the new boxes.

I guess what I'm saying is don't take 'no' for an answer from these companies and if it comes to it, cancel and get another supplier (I know that can be difficult in the states though)

OP, well done for getting AT&T to give your' Gran a better deal :)

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You like old people ewww.


How I test my shit?

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Already taken care of.

We were paying $55ish for 25mb/s download and 4 or 5mb/s upload with comcast.
We got offered a rare upgrade option for being with them for so long.

We now pay $75 for this

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@kitty said:

Already taken care of.

We were paying $55ish for 25mb/s download and 4 or 5mb/s upload with comcast.

We got offered a rare upgrade option for being with them for so long.

We now pay $75 for this

That's just comcast's blast, it got upgraded for everyone recently. 25/5 to 50/5, 50/10 to 100/10, and 100/20 to 150/20

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@kitty said:

Already taken care of.

We were paying $55ish for 25mb/s download and 4 or 5mb/s upload with comcast.

We got offered a rare upgrade option for being with them for so long.

We now pay $75 for this

That's just comcast's blast, it got upgraded for everyone recently. 25/5 to 50/5, 50/10 to 100/10, and 100/20 to 150/20

I see. I wouldn't mind having 150/20. But it's not offered yet. We were told that we have the highest that is offered atm.

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I pay $65 for 3 megs. It is either that or nothing, sadly. Centurylink has a monopoly out here.