Would you play a Mass Effect MMORPG?

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Posted by Fire_Wa11 (561 posts) 1 year, 1 month ago

Poll: Would you play a Mass Effect MMORPG? (6 votes)

Yes, I would enjoy playing a Mass Effect MMORPG on a regular/monthly basis 50%
No, I am not interested in a Mass Effect massively multiplayer online roleplaying game. 50%

Thank you for reading. Without getting into the payrate and all that, would you be open to playing an online roleplaying game set in the Mass Effect universe?

Would you like kicking back in your mass-effect-energy lit apartment? Maybe tweakin' on your pistol to get a faster fire rate? Pilin' up on your polymorphic space-alien girlfriend because you're such a perv? Before hittin' the streets in your sky car and racing against your friends?

I would like to see lessons learned from the Star Wars TOR mmo toward more updated combat, pilotable and collectable vehicles, and some story by maybe even that Drew Karpyshyn dude focusing on mass effect engines as revolutionary engine sources that made the first humans early ambassadors in space.

Of course to set an ME mmo apart from the trilogy, all races should be playable and have interesting stories as well. I have a feeling there would be a sh*t-ton of drell assassins Thane-Krios clones running around. Thanks again.

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I would like the idea of playing something like that for all the different races and areas/planets you could visit.

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There's already "Dragon Age 2" MMO called Neverwinter and I can't find anything special about that.

I'm still waiting for a Fallout/Stalker MMO to come out - this I will play.

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Nope, I wouldn't buy it. Hell, I wouldn't even play it if it was F2P. I didn't like the Mass Effect series as a single-player game so I can't imagine how turning it into a MMO would suddenly make me a fan.

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come on dude! Its already a bad game, please don't make it worse

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short answer - probably not.

long answer - something about an overrated series that went downhill after the first game, trying to balance rpg and action elements and getting neither right