"Would you kindly" recommend me some PC horror games?

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So while I wait for Dark Souls 2, what terror inducing games would you recommend?

I'm not looking for games like Slender or stuff like that.

What I have in mind is something that has a good plot, an unsettling environment, and fun game play. I love ambient horror.

I don't really care too much about graphics.

Games that I've played that actually got my adrenaline going were:

  • Alan Wake
  • Metro 2033 and Last Light (although not so much with Last Light)
  • Bioshock

I picked up Doom BFG on sale just a while to see if that's any good.

And I was curious about Deadly Premonition: The Directors Cut. But, after hearing about all the issues it had, I'm reluctant to make the purchase.

Any recommendations?

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So you want Pseudo Horror ?

Try President Evil 6 and Dead Space.

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Nothing horrifying about RE6. Cheesy and funny yeah, scary no lol. I did like Dead Space though; it was fun.

I forgot to mention I liked Silent Hill 2 if that helps. And I'm forgetting a bunch of other titles I've played.

The games I'm looking for don't need to be all gun-happy. Mystery and running like hell is fine with me too.

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  • Dead Space series
  • Amnesia
  • Condemend Criminal Origins (abit of old but still)
  • Fear 1 & 2
  • Slender and Selnder The Arrival
  • Outlast

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How about Bioshock 2. It had its scary moments just like Bioshock.

Doom 3 scared the crap out of me....... In Daylight ! :p I'm just a coward XD !

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Dead Space is free on origin right now. Give that a shot.

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STALKER SOC is greatest horror game of all time. The game will make you run, cry and hide like a little bitch. With mods the game looks spectacular. Even vanilla SOC has top 5 greatest atmosphere ever and good graphics.

Dead Space is free on origin right now. Give that a shot.

Yes great great game, although not really scary.

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You can check out the Resident Evil 4 HD Edition on Steam, maybe a bit more action oriented but still a great game.

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Thanks for all the recommendations everyone!

I'm definitely going to check out Outlast, Condemned, and Stalker.

And RE4 in HD...nice. Goin to pick that up for sure.

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@reveriestreams: Dead Space 1 is pretty action heavy but it's atmospheric and has high production values going for it, plus as mentioned it's free right now. Its sequels are ok but they got progressively more and more action heavy which detracted from the horror.

RE4 is classic. In addition to the newest HD release, there's also a texture mod floating around to bring those up to date as well.

As far as games that are actually SCARY, here are some of my tops:

Silent Hill 1 through 3 and to a lesser extent Shattered Memories.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is the best horror game I have played in recent memory. Very atmospheric, awesome story, and just really creepy overall.

Honorable mention also goes to Lone Survivor. It's a really interesting 2D sprite based side scrolling survival horror game and it actually has more survival horror elements than most games.


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Thanks for all the recommendations everyone!

I'm definitely going to check out Outlast, Condemned, and Stalker.

And RE4 in HD...nice. Goin to pick that up for sure.

Dude it's our lucky day or week perhaps. I think there is mod for STALKER called Lost Alpha and it's releasing on April 26th. Best part is I think it's a standalone free mod/game so you won't need to buy SOC. It reworks and enhances STALKER SOC but I don't think it changes super awesome endings or anything like that. Just adds tons of rad stuff like new areas/factions/missions/monsters and upgrades graphics/textures/lighting/weather/sounds etc etc. I'm pumped to jump back into the Zone with a bunch of new toys.

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Hahaah, I love your opening Bioshock line in your heading "would you kindly". Anyways I can recommend you a game, that should not be taken lightly. A game that has very dark and secretive past, where mysteries await you around every corner. As far as the patients go, they shouldn't hurt you.... for the most part mwahahahaa.

Outlast - now don't argue with me boy, buy it already.

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call of cthulhu pretty good game with interesting story

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Dead Space is overrated to me... Go with Amnesia

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If you want a really scary game, I suggest you try Outlast. If that's too much for you, try 7 days to die and play it alone.

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Amnesia and Outlast were actually quite scary.

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Play Outlast if you want real horror

Play Dead Space if you want jump scares and enough arms and ammunition to wipe out North Korea

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I agree with the Dead Space series, Outlast & Amnesia; others to consider that I don't think have been mentioned yet


Clive Barkers Undying (quite old but REAL scary lol)

Doom 3

If I recall correctly PCgamer did a top 100 hooror game list around xmas, might be worth a look.