Would this make my PC faster?.

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I decided to format my PC today which I have a z77x-UD3h Motherboard. I went into my Bios and I loaded up default settings restarted and loaded the bios back up. I inserted the windows 7 DVD but went straight into the bios and changed Bios features to run only in UEFI including the Other PCI Device Rom Priority. I also changed the boot up option on the disc to install as UEFI. I noticed be for that these option I changed had mixed Legacy and UEFI which I think Boot mode was in UEFI and Legacy but as said changed that to just UEFI only. After Formatting and reinstalling and noticed in games that they where much smoother including the internet load times. Would installing just in UEFI make a difference or is it just wish full thinking lol.

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Pretty sure it's wishful thinking

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hey can someone answer?:D im curios too

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I heard messing with bios helps with directx integrity. That may be the reason.

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It should not affect game performance in any way but running UEFI only with the required GTP formatted drive you can use certain Windows 8 features which includes things like significantly faster boot times.