Woodcutter Simulator 2013

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Oh yes! Day 1 Purchase!
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LOL "diverse tasks" cut wood, chop wood, carry wood, fell trees, produce lumber :P

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why are there so many of these games :(
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Tons of these simulator games - I personally don't get it, but I'm sure they're thinking we're weird for enjoying FPSes, RPGs, etc. Whatever floats your boat I guess. :P

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Still a better deal than WarZ.

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GotY 2013. Calling it now.

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lol, to be perfectly honest I have been interested in the IDEA of some of these games, however most of them from what I have read are not even well-executed and have a lot of bugs.

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Oh yeah, now I can finally take out all the built up rage on my nemesis...the pine.
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People play these games because they are relaxing apparently.. personally I think they look boring.
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Do games like Street Cleaning Simulator even make enough money?
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That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I hope my new desktop can run it.
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why are there so many of these games :(yellosnolvr
Because people buy them.
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I have clocked over 9000 hours in Street Cleaning Simulator. No man made game will dethrone my baby.