Wolves or Werewolf games?

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#1 Posted by Wolf2991 (40 posts) -

anyone know some Wolves or Werewolf games?

i kinda wanna play a game as one =)

#2 Posted by ex-mortis (1599 posts) -

I only found one werewolf game: Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Some games for the NES but only one PC game, and Gamespot don't even list it so I doubt it's worth your time.

#3 Posted by adrake4183 (668 posts) -
There was werewolf gameplay in Morrowind expansion bloodmoon. Not very many games where that is the main focus though.
#4 Posted by naval (11109 posts) -

03:53:15Elder Scrolls 3 : bloodmoon - you had a chance to become werewolf if you wanted

#5 Posted by Kevin-V (5178 posts) -

Well, there is always Wolverine, though I know that isn't quite what you meant. You can play as a werewolf in the Bloodmoon expansion for Morrowind. There are games that feature werewolves as enemies; Vampire: The Masquerade and Legendary jump to mind. On other platforms, you play as wolves (sort of) in Twilight Princess and Okami, though I can't think of any on the PC, unless you count dire wolves and similar summons in RPGs.

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You can play a werewolf druid in Diablo 2.

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Wolfchild for the amiga and knightlore for the zx spectrum both spring to mind. I realise these aren't technically pc but emulators mean that they are :D