Witcher Sword Upgrades

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#1 Posted by DBhova23 (570 posts) -

Is the "Witchers steel sword" upgrade and "Witchers Silver sword" the only swords that can be upgraded? And if so can they only be upgraded once?

I'm currently in chapter 1 with only the steel sword with 2 red meteorites and missed the one from the prologue. I'm wondering should I save 3 runes/meteorites for other swords instead of the basic ones.

#2 Posted by Threesixtyci (4275 posts) -
I think only the steel sword is upgradable, but it's been years since I played the game. If I remember, late in the game the silver sword can get replaced with a better silver sword.... And when you trade it, you must leave behind the old silver sword, because there is no way to carry extras. I can't remember if the sword can only be upgraded once or not, but I'm pretty sure the runes are lost forever, once you use them.
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You can craft both silver and steel swords with meteorites, but as said above me, you get a better silver sword at some point in the game so save your meteorites for the steel one.

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you can brand your silver sword with runes to give it extra bonuses.