Witch soundbar Yamaha YAS101 or Sony HTCT260?

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#1 Posted by id_mew (473 posts) -

I'm deciding between the Yamaha YAS101http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/yamaha-yamaha-front-surround-system-yas101-yas101/10178417.aspx?path=7abc9a88cee6a4395ba590fdb5587c7cen02

And the Sony HTCT260http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/sony-sony-sound-bar-with-wireless-subwoofer-htct260-htct260/10224187.aspx?path=c1074f0836a669a866c48e9ff9fce60den02

Witch one do you guys recommend? They are both the same price right now, and I would like to get one before the sale is over.
I mostly gonna use it for Netflix, and some gaming on my 360 and PS3.

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Does it have to be a soundbar?

You'd probably be better off with a nice 2.1 system

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Hi, well I don't actually mind a 2.1 system.

But you see, I already have a logitech z5500 5.1 surround sound system, but it's too messy, and the wires are everywhere.

So I thought a sound bar will reduce the clutter.

But i don't mind a 2.1 with the price range of 250.