Windows 7 update stuck on 4 of 10

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It's been stuck here for a while now. Should I turn my pc off? Or will that mess up my OS? What can I do?

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How long is a while? I know some updates can take upwards of 15 minutes to finish. However, I have had issues where it will just hang. Really you have no other option but to reset your computer. I've had to do this a few times and never had anything bad happen. The update just fails and will redownload.

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One of my pcs today bluescreened after doing an update, and it also got stuck at around 12-13%, now most of my usb and pci express cards don't work properly... and I think it was this old update from Oct, 2013 which was a security update for the usbs... i actually had it hidden but some reason it got unhidden and windows installed it, now my pc is basically facked cause the system restore points don't work either, nor does uninstalling the update from the control panel.

You know what makes me mad on top of this, I had automatic updates turned off and yet it installed them somehow without even telling me.

They must have the rejects working on win7 updates now and their A team working on the windows 8 ones, cause theres some buggy shit going down here.

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Windows is so great!