Will my old Sidewinder Wheel work in Windows 7?

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I have the force Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel, which is pretty old (from around 1999 and it does not have a USB connection.

Even though I found the pedals and wheel, I can't find the power supply and am wondering if it's worth buying a 12V, 1.3A power supply since everything looks like it's in good condition and I'd like to use it vs.buying a whole new wheel and pedals. Also, what kind of adapter would be required to connect it to a modern PC with USB 3.0 and would the adapter work 100%

I'm using Windows 7 and would like to play the relatively recent Need for Speed or other racing games.

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What kind of interface (connection) does it use?

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I use 360 Wireless for Rivals and it's great

Your Sidewinder is connected via USB as seen on picture

other than that you can view this http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/compatibility/CompatCenter/ProductDetailsViewer?Type=Hardware&Name=Microsoft+Sidewinder+Force+Feedback+Wheel+Game+Controller&ModelOrVersion=&Vendor=Microsoft&Locale=&LastSearchTerm=&BreadcrumbPath=&TempOsid=Windows+7

From 15 people it's compatible on 7 and 10 people said it';s compatible on 8

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These are pictures of the wheel and pedals, along with the connection cord. It's some kind of serial connector, I'm not sure the name. As you can tell from the picture it's missing some pins. Will it still work? Can I buy any serial to USB adapter, or is there something specific for a device like this?

From the posted link it looks like if I run in compatibility mode and get the adapter it's worth trying.

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go for it =)

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I'm still confused. What is the name of the adapter that I'm looking for to convert from my old connection to usb? I see different sizes and some are male and some female. Can you tell from the picture what type of converter I would need?

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Judging from that link it looks like he has a gameport connector.

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Judging from that link it looks like he has a gameport connector.

Yeah it's the most similar one.