Wildstar Housing is Kinda Epic - New Video!

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#1 Posted by Barujin (308 posts) -

Wildstar just posted a new video of their housing system and it looks jaw-droppingly cool. Check it out.


#2 Posted by themagicbum9720 (6506 posts) -
looks pretty cool.
#3 Posted by darksusperia (6943 posts) -
interesting, everyone will just be raiders though
#4 Posted by S4E (69 posts) -
It does indeed look interesting. What do you think guys, are you going to get this one? Whether it will subscribtion-based or not? Or some other, like ESO?
#5 Posted by trijity (810 posts) -

I am psyched for Wildstar. I didn't even know it existed until about 3 weeks ago, I literally ignored it up until then just under the "oh great...another mmo" impression. Since then though I've seen some of their videos, and lots of the gameplay stuff on youtube, and I think it looks great.

#6 Posted by chrisrooR (9027 posts) -
Wow, the customization looks great. So pumped for this.
#7 Posted by BSC14 (4048 posts) -

LOOKING GOOD. oops caps

#8 Posted by Deadpool-n (489 posts) -

I might try it out, but in the end it is still another mmo.