Why is Rome : Total War so DAMN hard?!?!

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Good god...i have it on Medium...and am playing the single player campaign mode ....

I can hold my ground but i CANNOT advance...i send out assassins...kill generals...but people just keep coming and THEY NEVER STOP COMING...they constantly attack me ...i get missions from the senate and can't even do them because it's impossible....it's impossible for me to run two cities and fight all these people gang bang raping me..

Is this normal or what? Even easy is hard...what the hell am i doing wrong?
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veterans would likely advice you to ignore the senate's missions. naturally, that would help alot, as it saves you from the trouble of warring on multiple fronts. but as you can readily perceive the irony, the campaign's sorry state is unmistakable.

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veterans would likely advice you to ignore the senate's missions. naturally, that would help alot, as it saves you from the trouble of warring on multiple fronts. but as you can readily perceive the irony, the campaign's sorry state is unmistakable.


Yes but i still find it very difficult to conquer other cities due to the fact i can't leave mine along for a second....and if i can i am double teamed by some dudes with 2000 man armies...idk wtf is going on..
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lol. well, maybe you're doing something wrong? make sure you upgrade the cities, reinforce your units, and maintain a sufficient income to bolster your army. you can get the details for, for instance, GS's game guide.

regardless of how you play it, the game is indeed difficult.

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Jeah rome total war shud not be that hard espesilly when you are playing romans they have alot of insany poverfull units like warhounds they cheap melee unit that dont suffer from manpover losses unless they actually kill your soldiers and then you are doing some thing wrong later the game gets little more compicated because you will start having finansial broblems because its so expensive to garrison all your big cities when you conrol 50% of the map :) but rome computer ai is really stupid if you play the battles your self you shud be able to bil atlest 4-5x then men you loose every battle wearing down the enemy
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1) Boost up your economy

2) Give presents to all your neighbours until you get good to perfect reputation with them

3) Build up a massive army and kick some ass

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Easiest war to stop making Rome: Total War hard is to start a new campaign. Set everything on easy. You'll always win well maybe except when your unlucky.
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Play in on vh/vh like the rest of the world.
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The best thing to do when playing total war is take advantage of powerful melee that throw spears. Once you get past light infantry to the decent early legions they should do this. Keep the auto throw off of your second line, while making sure front line throws, unless your on a hill. Sometimes your back line can hit your front line with the spears. If done right you can litterly destroy 1/3 of an oncoming group with a spear volley or two. Then just charge in. Also archers are key, as most units your fighting against dont have great armor - just light them up with fire arrows (I usually use them because its easy to tell if you are hitting your own men). My favorite composition 1/4 or 1/3 archers then rest legions - and then your general - or do 1/4 horse - 1/4 archers - 1/2 legions with throwing spears - pretty unstoppable unless your attacking someone with a massive armyof siege or horses. This way if you take a town you have archers to defend it easily and in small skirmishes your spear throwing and archers will kill the enemy without incuring losses.

oh feel free to ignore some of the missions - I found taking over greece is more profitable.  Its almost a must to take greece before conquering the rest of the land.  Also fairly easy to defend as the people north of greece are fairly week if you dont push to far into some of the worthless territories and spread yourself out.

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It really isn't the hardest thing on medium, if you think so you haven't seen much yet. Just keep playing, you'll find ways to win.
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Ok i totally restarted it....all back on medium and such...i'm the Julis faction in the Imperial Army.... I'm doing much better now...own 4 cities all of which have at least 1 General and a 800+ army ....so far i rape whoever tries to attack me... I also took the opportunity in the very beginning to become traders and allies with the people RIGHT next to me...that was my problem last time...i had those bastards attacking me from the start....i was allies with them for about a half an hour, but got the opportunity to get a couple cities built up enough to repel any attacks.... My main battle techniques are just charage everyone in a perfect line..i time it out correctly with troops and horse back riders...let the troops get a head start and just let everyone crash the line...it works pretty good... My last battle i had 1,500 guys and i only lost 80 while they lost 1,400....Excellent game...wish they would've told you it takes like 5 hours to get used to the entire game and how stuff works....
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get rid of this and get medieval 2 total war
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get rid of this and get medieval 2 total wartorrentspy1992
Rome is pretty good and not all machines can handle Medieval 2 very well, especially the large scale battles. Oh Nation 411 - after you play a bit and can win as rome browse the net and maybe the game's section in Gamespot - there is a edit you can do (extremely easy) to one of the files to allow you to unlock and play all the factions. It makes it tons of fun. The edit is really easy, like changing a word or two in one of the files.
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get rid of this and get medieval 2 total wartorrentspy1992
It's coming soon....i'm going to play out Rome for a little bit more...
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First, Rome is not hard, as long as you don't go into it thinking you are already all powerful and have to do everything immediately. Taking ones time to build the armies and cover the back is vital and it doesn't take military genius strategies to beat the game even on it's hardest settings.

Second, your fighting style definitely needs some help. Yes, your rush may seem to work and as long as you have the superior numbers and better equipment, it probably will, but in the longrun you will suffer many more losses than you need to in a direct rush. In most fights, you would do far better and lose a lot less men if you use flanking maneuvers with your faster units and try to get the enemy to rush you. Cavalry flanking is the most devistating thing you can do to the enemy morale. A couple cavalry casually running around behind enemy lines can often get them to break and run without even having to fight. In addition, as someone else mentionned, dogs. Dogs should be the first thing you usually unleash on the enemy. Send in the dogs then back off their handlers. In many cases just doing that can either win a fight or bait them into attacking you.... Really, though, the straight rush is one of the worst strategies on the battle map.

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Well, Just Like Medieval 2, the gameplay is like ALL AGAINST YOU. That´s it, there is NO real diplomacy in this games, only total war like the name of these games. So, with everyone after you, and lack of money the game becomes harder and harder. I like this series, i have both rome and medieval, but i got tired of this. You ally with a faction, trade rights and nice relations with the this faction, do not trepass his borders, etc, etc and in the nest turn, BANG!!. He declares War against you...tired, uninstalled.
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I got Rome for christmas and i am impresseed. I started the campaign on easy and i carried on expanding until the empire was too big (this wasn't too big- only South France, modern northern italy, slovenia, croatia and bosnia.). Since i have done that i have found it easier to make money and have loads of troops. I think its harder managing the campaign bit rather than the battles. Maybe because i am really bad at civilisation and better at Age of Empires. My eyes glittered when i saw this thread because i was looking for a challenge.
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Hay man someone said you cude Give presents to all your neighbours until you get good to perfect reputation with them.