Why can't I Load my Game???

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I just got my Laptop back from Repairs and reinstalled all my games with all there save files (Except for Assassins Creed[Who Cares]). I Loaded Fuel This Afternoon with the apporiate directory. I go to Sign in through via Games For Windows Offline Mode and it can not find the file. Is there anyway how to load my file with all my saved progress??

TOSHIBA Satellite L500D
OS:Windows 7 Home Edition (32-bit)

CPU:AMD Turion II Ultrax2 2.50Ghz (32-bit)
GPU:1GB ATI Mobility Radeon 4650 HD Series
RAM:4GB DDR2 x86 (3.12GHz Usable)
MB:Realtek HDA-00
JP: Microsoft XBOX 360 Controller for Windows

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I don't get it do you mean you can't load a game or that you can't load your saved progress when you are in the game? if you can't load your game I suggest updating your video card drivers
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Well, are you sure that the save files are in the right directory? They are somewhere different for Windows Live games. Not in the usual game folders.