Which should I play first?

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Poll: Which should I play first? (14 votes)

Company of Heroes (+all expansions) 7%
Darksiders 7%
Dead Space 2 7%
Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition 7%
Fallout New Vegas 14%
Mass Effect 1 & 2 36%
All the STALKER games 21%
All the Warhammer 40K Dawn of War games (including DoWII) 0%
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition 0%

So I've been out-of-the-loop regarding gaming for quite awhile now (actually playing games, Gamespot, etc.) and have missed out on a LOT it seems. But every now and then I'd happen to catch a Steam sale and buy games that I heard were good and happened to be pretty cheap, so now I've got a pretty extensive list of games sitting in my library that haven't even been installed. I've just lacked the resolve to commit to any one game for some reason. Anyway, I've found myself with a bit more time on my hands lately and have decided I wanna try and get back into gaming...but I'm not really sure which game would be the best bet to "hook" me and reawaken my affinity for gaming. As I'm sure most of you have played most of the games I listed, I decided I'd ask and see what you guys thought would be good to jump into first. (Genre doesn't really matter to me.)

#1 Posted by PredatorRules (8134 posts) -

I'm currently replaying Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition as well so my vote goes there, IMO best Dungeons and Dragons game with enchanced graphics.

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Yeah I'm not gonna lie, that one looked pretty appealing! I used to love Knights of the Old Republic back in the day and since it's also by Bioware I was definitely thinking that could be a good choice.

#3 Posted by IvanElk (3798 posts) -

My vote goes towards mass effect just because it is a hell of a good game. But Dragon age is also good.

#4 Posted by Croag821 (2323 posts) -

I'm a huge Fallout fan so my vote goes to New Vegas. I put 100's of hours into that game. It's got a really interesting story and a huge world to explore. I always like a good post apocalyptic setting over fantasy.

That being said you can't really go wrong with any of the games on that list, although I wasn't too impressed with Dead Space 2. Do you wanna start something that will take you 50+ hours or are you looking for a shorter more linear game?

#5 Posted by Elann2008 (32991 posts) -

If you want tons of gameplay hours, go with Fallout New Vegas. Great game. If you want something shorter but a great ride, I would easily choose Mass Effect 1.