Which one to get?

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#1 Posted by zaxrider (80 posts) -

Got a limited budget so I can buy only one game right now. Deciding between SC2:HotS and Dishonored. Which one should I go for?


As for the reason I want Dishonored, I recently finished Deus Ex:HR and I got quite hooked on the stealth and stuff. Dishonored has also been on my radar since the first trailers came out but at the release, I was busy playing other stuff to get it.

As for HotS, I've been playing SC2 for quite some time as well, and although I'm not very active in PvP (as in online matches), I stick to Campaign and various AI challenges. Playing the Zerg in the main capmaign as well as playing what seems like an interesting story is quite appealing as well.

From what I've noticed, Blizzard games tend to keep their launch price for quite some time before they drop and waiting for Dishonored to appear on Steam sale with a reasonable discount can take ages as well.

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never played starcraft but Dishonored is pretty awesome.. trying to do a total stealth/non lethal playthrough now.. its pretty tough

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Dishonored is a way better game,i am not a fan of today Blizzard games,... if we are 10 years in past i would suggest you Starcraft but now, i am not gonna joke and suggest it. Get Dishonored my advice.

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Both are good games. Any Starcraft game is worth its price, wait for a sale to get Dishonored.

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Dishonored. Fantastic game.

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Different games, so first you must see which genre you prefer most..

If you're an SC2 fan, then I suggest getting HOTS since it offers a great sp campaign and new stuff/units for its mp !!