Where can I play Fable (PC) free (demo or full game)

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The title says it all i have vista i just need a website and is it on gametap i couldnt find it.
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You are soooo getting banned.
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You are soooo getting banned.TheBigBadGRIM

hench the sucide account.

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He is getting banned for asking for a demo? His question is not entirely illogical. How about if he asked "where can I play Far Cry (demo or full game)?".
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i dont see why hes able to come here and ask while he couldnt find where he can play the game?
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If there is a demo you should be able to find it with a quick search of some of the main game sites.. if their isn't a demo you'll just have to read what others think of the game and decide if you should get it or not. There are a couple of online sites you can buy games off, or check out your local gaming store (which is what i prefer because you dont have to wait).
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...more importantly, ask yourself if you really want to spend your time playing an RPG made by the same team that made the pointless Black and White. There are better RPGs, man.
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Black and white such a gr8 game .highest rated game on ign>??
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their is no demo for Fable. To play the full game you should buy it of amazon because thats were most PC gamers look first for retail games.
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Black and white such a gr8 game .highest rated game on ign>??icepirates
You didn't register just for that, did you? Anyway. Molyneux is the biggest laughing stock in the business. I can't see how people keep on buying the things he says. And I agree: play something better that Fable. Staying on topic, there is no demo or free version.