What's wrong with my Screen Res

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Okay, so after 62 hrs of labor I was able to finally put together my PC and update everything I can think of. However, I can't seem to fix the screen resolution. I have Asus 24"Inch with a native resolution as 1920x1080. I can't seem to make the entire screen from being taken. I'm literally writting this using about 65% of the screen. The rest is all black. I'm using Win 7 and Hm 7950. Anyonw knows how to fix this

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Using HDMI? Open the Radeon/ATI/AMD control panel. See if it is undersampling or undersizing it. Can't remember the exact word for it. Had the problem when I used my laptop with a 1080 monitor through HDMI:
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Have you made sure that you've installed the latest video card drivers for your graphics card?
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62 hours?:o

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Yes 62 hours. First time doing this, I started a fire, destroyed many parts, and it only took 62 hours ;D

Any ways, how to I open up the ATI controls? First time using a HD card ;/ Also, I did update teh ATi driver.

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right click on the desktop and choose catalyst controller. From there you should be able to adjust your resolution. Also for the fun of it you might want to double check your display driver installation: press start and type "device" into the search box. choose "device manager" left click on display drivers make sure it has the ATI drivers listed.
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This remind me of my old CRT monitor where you can go to monitors menu and adjust the height and width of the screen to use 100% of it.
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Okay, I went under the Catalyst Setting and nothing. No optio n for stretching, zooming, ..etc

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Okay, so I found my screen which ishttp://www.amazon.com/Asus-VW246H-24-Inch-Integrated-Speakers/dp/B001LYWBOM

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Okay... Have you tried looking at what screen res you are running it at? And in catalyst setting. Do you have it set to basic or advanced?
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I have it set at advanced. I also am running the 1080P 1920x1080 res/

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Under one of the tabs (should be "my-digital flat panels" ) should have scaling options and adjust the overscan/underscan to fit your screen..mine does the same thing when connected through hdmi (but not DVI, oddly)