Whats the best wow realm to transfer too.

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Im on the sucky borean tundra realm and Ive been there for almost a year and a half. I was looking into Lightbringer and the garrosh sever seems pretty good for hord they arent crazy unbalenced like my current realm. Because we are outnumbered 12k to 5k on borean and WG and BG's always suck because we always get murdered and the BG balancing system in wow is broken. So which server do you think is best

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Which server or which battle group?
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which is better overall server or battlegroup anything is better than where i am now. I think light bringer is better for pve im not sure. But you can only learn so much from stats.

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I would check out these website see who got the best guilds and server balance. I would also check out the WoW Realm forums see who recruiting etc befor making the leap to a new realm.