What processor to get?

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#51 Posted by homeboylizard (1289 posts) -


Does the paste come with the CPU or do I have to get it separetely?


If you are getting a non-k (no overclocking) chip, the paste you get with the cooler will do you ok. If you do plan on getting a k chip then investing in a quality paste is always a good idea. Also, have you decided on a MOBO and CPU?

Yea, in an upper post I linked to them.

That's not an overclockable chip, you can find cheaper RAM with same speed, and I never seen that MOBO. I also linked the parts in an upper post so see if you like them better, and I linked one of the best MOBO's if you fancy AsRock.

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Well the difference would be $$ mostly, that depends on your budget. I would get the K one but I don't overclock often to avoid some issues with the refrigeration system but if you have a good coolant system go for it.

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10 minutes? Rubbish. What cleaning solution are you using? Mayonaise? Rubbing alcohol will take it all off in seconds. Just get the 99% lanolin free and youre good to go.



I use the arctic silver 5 cleaning kit with the purifier.  I follow the manufacturers recommended steps, since the cpu isnt something I want to mess up, especially an expensive one like the i7.


Bro just use some alcohol wipes, it takes me less than 1 minute to remove all thermal paste, apply new paste and then spread it thin