What is the name of game?

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I played this game a few years ago and i cannot remember the name. You are a boy who just started school. Your childhood friend(a girl) meets you on the walk to the very first day. She introduces you to one of her friends who works in a restaurant (also a girl). She sounds southern. After that you go to school take tests and choose what to do after school. You get to workout, hang with friends, do homework or go to sleep. The story goes on with you meeting more girls from the school. You soon can go on dates with them and you must keep up with your school work. At the end that you have found your girl of your dreams you proceed to graduation then college graduation with the same girl. and you can start over. It is a great game i know how the story goes played it a million time i just cannot remember the name HELP!! In this game there is no quests or missions or use of money plus i think it was a PC / Browser game only...i dont remember if i played it on Newgrounds or not.....i hate this
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It is a flash game.