What did you think of Orcs Must Dies 2? :)

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#1 Posted by pspitus (2396 posts) -

I personally freakin' love the game :). It's fast paced, Tower Defenese game and has a lot of style and streamlined gameplay to go along with it :D. 

#2 Posted by kraken2109 (13007 posts) -

I enjoy it, certainly improved over the first one which had a hugely steep difficulty curve if you ask me.

#3 Posted by BPoole96 (22784 posts) -

I loved it. Improved over the first one in nearly every aspect.

#4 Posted by Sleepyz (3776 posts) -

I'd never played first one but when saw it in special tried demo and right away bought the pack 2 of game with all addons and gave 1 to my friend and we both like it alot. Cost me 9.99 for 2 copies with all addons, pretty good deal.

#5 Posted by Curlyfrii87 (14928 posts) -

Love it.. still play it!

#6 Posted by takeiteazy3 (743 posts) -
InB4 Kozzy Also I still play it, Great game :D
#7 Posted by flipin_jackass (9726 posts) -
[QUOTE="takeiteazy3"]InB4 Kozzy Also I still play it, Great game :D

Out of curiosity, does he like the game or hate it?
#8 Posted by takeiteazy3 (743 posts) -

[QUOTE="takeiteazy3"]InB4 Kozzy Also I still play it, Great game :Dflipin_jackass
Out of curiosity, does he like the game or hate it?

He pretty sure he loves it, He hooked me up with a copy of orc2 just so we could coop haha.


just the other day we went up to wave 84~ on endless mode. we were both so tired kozzy just suicided xD

#9 Posted by madrocketeer (2619 posts) -
In my opinion, the best tower defence variant game I've ever played. Colourful, action-packed, sometimes hilarious and endlessly fun.
#10 Posted by Cwagmire21 (5887 posts) -

Bought it during one of the sales last year, but still haven't played it. I still need to beat the first (I was stuck on the last level :()

However, if it's anything like the first, I'm sure its great.

#11 Posted by Rage010101 (5470 posts) -

i loved it, got all skulls for all difficulties in story mode and all dlc's

#12 Posted by kozzy1234 (35155 posts) -

Fun game, especially in coop :)

Think me and takeiteazy played for 4-5 hours straight the other night :lol: