What are some cool MODs to check out

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Hi! I'm looking for total-conversion MODs which are worthy of checking out. You can even write a short introduction to it to create the spark of interest. I'm not only looking for Skyrim MODs but for any kind of MOD created for both new and older games too.

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No offense but are you guys deliberately ignoring this topic or just don't have any ideas?

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Both I would imagine.

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I've heard that Misery 2.0 is a hugely impressive mod for Stalker Call of Pripyat.

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Plenty to choose from, it would be easier if you gave us a list of games you like and then we might(if someone knows) post what we think are good mods for that and that game.

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As posted above list the games you have or like.

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I can recomend The Nameless Mod wich I personally consider to be the best single player total conversion ever made(and my personal 2009 GOTY),The Dark Mod,the best pure stealth experience in years and the best "Thief" game since Thief 2.

It depends if you like Deus Ex(TNM) or Thief(TDM),but since you haven´t said anything about specific games...

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I have an eye on these two



They're basically retextures of gta vice city/ San Andreas with many other upgrades.