Warhammer Online Freezing HELP!!

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#1 Posted by sammyt555 (220 posts) -

I just bought, subscribed to and installed Warhammer Online and im loving the game. I'm having a great time playing it but every so often it just freezes up. The computer doesnt respond to anything and the sound goes whacky.

The only way i can describe the sound is this: say a character was saying "hey buddy" at the time of the freeze. What i hear is "heyheyheyheyhey"

Like a CD skipping but a tiny segment of audio.

If anyone can offer me any kinds of steps to try to eliminate this problem please let me know.

I am playing on a Dell Latitude D830. I run other games on this machine no problem and its only about 4 months old. Please help!

#2 Posted by wingedlaw (1 posts) -
update your sound drivers?
#3 Posted by comstrikeiscool (3616 posts) -
Try turning the graphics down and resolution.
#4 Posted by sammyt555 (220 posts) -
graphics are on "fastest framerate" settings and my sound drivers are up to date. Could it be a hardware complatibility thing? or does vista suck that bad?
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Well if you have vista its like a 99% chance that it have something to do with it :P
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call customer service. i had freezing issues too. they told me it was my router
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I've been having this same problem, no idea whats up. I updated my graphic driver and it seems to be ok so far.
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PC specs?
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Dell Latitude D830

Windows Vista Ultimate

Intel Core Duo CPU t9300 @ 2.50 GHz

2.0 GB RAM

32-bit Operating System

Not sure about Video or Sound card.

#10 Posted by ag3ntz3rox0x (1534 posts) -

Not sure about Video or Sound card.

theres your issue i guarantee you.
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Run this program, it'll tell you your video card:http://majorgeeks.com/download181.html