Warcraft 3 reign of chaos cinematics not working

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For some reason they don't automatically go on after the mission that has a cinematic after it, which is usually after the last mission of each campaign. Also when I clicked on one it worked once then that was it if I click on any cut scene now the screen goes black then takes be back to the mission screen.

Please dont answer like the guy on yahoo answers who said play runescape noob,..........runescape come on that has to be the stupidest game.

#2 Posted by thusaha (14495 posts) -
Have you install any video codec earlier?
#3 Posted by madcowz674 (163 posts) -
no I haven't
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i'm having the same problem on a brand new alienware, reinstallinjg drivers didn't help, maybe related to a launch problem with Shogun 2? Grrr