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Any good shoot em ups based on the Vietnam war?

I already have Men of Valour and Vietcong.

Is Shellshock Nam 67 any good? 

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i think there is a "hell in vietnam" demo out at filefront. its a budget shooter. i couldn't increase mouse look so i just forgot about it. there is a free expansion called red dawn for vietcong. i enjoyed battlefield vietnam. there is a vietnam mod for bf2 but i didn't care for it.
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buy bf2, Eve of Destruction (greatest Vietnam game ever) is coming soon for it.
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Dude, you've never heard of VietNAM! Freaked Out Heroin Junkie Pissing Himself Hiding In The Jungle II. By far the best heroin junkie freakout-and-hide simulator of all time. VietNAM! FOHJPHHITH II has a few new advances over the first one. Namely the ability now crap yourself. The whimpering sounds are much better, and the hallucinations are much more realistic.


Also, I heard that a sequel in the best adventure game series of all time is coming in the works. Yep, Vietnam Draft Dodger 3 is coming out early '08. Rumor has it that they're using the CryTek 2.0 engine.

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Battlefield Vietnam....although it sucks a lot
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Battlefield Vietnam....although it sucks a lot oscar530

yeah it really really sucks. worst battlefield game imo.  

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[QUOTE="oscar530"]Battlefield Vietnam....although it sucks a lot opethpwn

yeah it really really sucks. worst battlefield game imo.


It had it's moments...but worst BF by far yeah. 

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world war 2 is the ONLY war worth fighting lol
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world war 2 is the ONLY war worth fighting lolahmedkandil

yeah. agreed. no other war offers the same diversity of battles and intensity imo.
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Meh, The only one's that come to me are: Vietcong, and was there a Conflict Vietnam... I think there was, but it must have been on Xbox. I remeber that, it wasn't too bad.
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there are all Vietnam war based shooters for PC:

The Hell in Vietnam - may 2007 - not so goodMen Of Valor - oct 2004
Men of Valor - good
Vietcong - 03 2003 - ok
Vietcong: Fist Alpha - expansion pack - feb 2004 - even more buggy, but ok
Vietcong 2 - oct 2005 - not so good
Line of Sight - Vietnam - mar 2003 - suprsinly ok but nothing special anymore
Elite Warriors Vietnam - mar 2005 - impossibly buggy!
Battlefield Vietnam - mar 2004 - ok
Marine Heavy Gunner: Vietnam - aug 2004 - terrible budget
Elite Forces: Vietnam 2 Black Ops Special Assignment - jun 2001 - terrible budget
Vietnam: Black Ops - 2000 - dunno, but probably - terrible budget
Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh Trail (player can't move here)
NAM (1998)

ShellShock: Nam '67 - sep 2004 - terrible
Conflict: Vietnam - oct 2004 - team based, pretty ok

I finished most of them (exept Vietnam: Black Ops, NAM (don't know where to get), Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh Trail (player can't move here and so i don't care) and Elite Warriors Vietnam (unplayably buggy) ). Best one was Men of Valor.
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Battlefield Vietnam was pretty poor but I think it had the most challenging / rewarding helicopter flight controls iv'e experienced. It also was fun dropping napalm from a fast mover.