Video Card Problem!!!! Need Help Immediately!!!

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I got everything hooked up and from what I can tell the cpu, motherboard, and memory work. But when I hook up the video card, the fans are running but it is not giving an image on the screen. But when I plug the hdmi cable into the motherboard instead of the video card it displays a image. Is this normal or no?

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Have you connected all the PCI-e power connectors and is your PSU good enough?

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Yes, it had two PCI-e power connectors, I plugged both in. The PSU is 850 watt power supply.

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Is the card a 7970 Matrix Platinum?

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Can you test a DVI output?

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Yeah, I havent tried that yet though

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go into the BIOS and change the primary display to PEG. You may need to do this without the card inserted first.