Very quick borderlands 2 DLC question,

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Just got BL2 for christmas, and went and bought the season pass. Does it matter at what level, and in which order you play the dlc? I remember in BL1 when I did zombie island I was way more powerful than anything in the dlc. Just don't want that to happen again.


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They should scale to your level, they're not important and there are only a few, but there are some "spoilers" from time to time or references to what already happened towards the end of the main campaign since these are end additions.

As for the order, as they are released, each DLC brings loot improvements over the other, so Scarlett, then Torgue and in Jan, Sir Hammerlock.

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Every area in BL2 scales to the level at which you first entered the area, so you can do them whenever you want.
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Oh sweet that is great news! I remember there was an order you have to play the first games DLC in.