Vanishing of Ethan Carter- Graphics options,VO and more

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Astronauts released pics of options that will be available in The Vanishing of Ethan Carter . These options aren't final , so there is chance that more stuff will be added as we get closer to release date but still it will give you good idea of what you will be dealing with in the near future .

Options :

Controls :

Keyboard and Mouse :

Gamepad :

Graphics :

Advance Graphics :

Sound :


Here are few new screenshots of indoors and out doors .

And here is first sample of voice acing from the game (Sounds great) . As Astronauts say :

A sample of the voice-over work in The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. That’s our occult detective, Paul Prospero. Who’s the voice actor? All will be revealed soon.


The game is planned to release in late september , so I expect more info at gamescom . Nothing about gamescom is official ATM .

Source (new info every now and then)

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it looks fantastiic

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@thehig1 said:

it looks fantastiic


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@thehig1 said:

it looks fantastiic

What is it?

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@thehig1 said:

it looks fantastiic

What is it?

Mario Kart

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From what little I have seen and read I really think I would be interested in this one.

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Lookin' nice