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Which should i buy unreal tournament 2004 or UT3 there both pretty cheap on steam. do people still play ut2004, ive played both and enjoyed them alot.

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UT2k4 has a lot more players than UT3, online wise.

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1 more thing do these games have the abilty to download a map from the server u joined

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um, I think he meant, can you download the map through joining the game or do you have to donwload it via websites.

Also UT3 is uber bad good thing I got it free with my proc, I used it as target practice after two sittings.

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UT2K4: More features, more game modes, more content, better menus, no consolization. UT3: Better graphics. Take your pick.
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I like unreal 2k4 more

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ut2k4 far far better

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UT 2004 is way better in any instance, but the graphics. The sad thing is, that in UT3, the graphics isn't worth buying it ...
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2004 is btter, but ut3 is still good in a heavily modded game.

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Both are fantastic games, I personally preferred UT3 since it was slightly slower and more skill based and slightly less "Twitch and really good jump timing" based. UT2k4 has more players and more mods though, so it's probably the best choice.
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I play UT3 and i like it but there arent many people palying UT these days with all the COD and halo around i even play halo, but Yeah if you really into mods i would say UT2k4 its much better for that and ive heard the community is still going strong for that game. The only thing UT3 has that UT2k4 dosnt is the graphics but thats about it.
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The only thing UT3 has that UT2k4 dosnt is the graphics but thats about it.Shuraijuro
No, there's more, superb mods, UT 2K4 has fun and lots of mods but even the best are average compared to "most" UT 3 mods, not to mention some amazing ones that are still in the works. I'm talking about total conversion mods, not small/meaningless ones.