Using an Xbox controller on PC

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So, i wanted to use an Xbox controller on PC for a long time, so i had my dad contact a friend whos into Computers (and no this was no a money scam) and i asked whats the posibillity of that? Then he goes all "Dude listen here:
1. You have to have a controller, so thats 30 bucks
2.You have to have a receiver(or something like that he said) so that`s 80 bucks
3.It also lags sometimes, so its not practical."

So my question is: Is there an easier way to do this that doesn`t cost as much, and will it lag?

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It costs about 20-40$ that's including the reciever, and no it doesn't lag.

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I have both a wireless and a wired 360 controller for my PC, both work excellent. You just plug and play since most games for PC is enabled for 360 gamepad now a days.

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it does'nt lag I also have one

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Get a wired controller if you are going to spend the money. It doesn't need batteries, doesn't need a receiver, is plug-and-play and will be recognized by any game that lets you use a controller. I have had mine for a few years and can't see using any other controller on the PC.

Amazon will have 2 versions of the XBox 360 wired controller (one says for Windows), get whichever one is cheapest, they are identical, the only difference is the branding on the box.

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Your dad's friend doesn't know what he's talking about.

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It works like a charm, nothing to worry about.

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No it does not lag...ever.

You heard wrong.

And you buy the Windows version of the 360 controller for about $40 that comes with the reciever and when you want more pads you just buy more 360 ones

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While I got my receiver about a few years ago, I don't remember it being that expensive. And it definitely does not lag.

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@PredatorRules: could you help me with this?