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Here is an Update for the upcoming mod for Crysis - Jurassic Park

Note: These are not the final products of the rendered objects, there is still work to be done on them. Also for some reason I get an error when putting the links for the images up so please visit this link - http://www.moddb.com/mods/8320/jurassic-park/images

Summary of the mod:

This Jurassic Park mod is a third party Modification for CryEngine 2, aka Crysis.

We here by declare no involvement or affiliation to Universal City Studios, Amblin Entertainment, or Crytek. All activities relating to Jurassic ParkTM and CrysisTM are non profit.

Jurassic ParkTM is Copyright © 1993 Universal City Studios, Inc. and Amblin Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. CrysisTM is © Crytek Software.

No playable demo will be released without the proper licensing. The purpose of this ModDB profile is just to showcase artistic work through images and video

Since the beginning of time. Man has searched the earth for evidence of its past. But while some have looked for clues to the mystery; One man has found the way to bring the mystery back to life. Here on this private island, science has defied evolution. Genetics has mastered creations, and extinction is a thing of the past. Welcome to Jurassic Park; An adventure 65 million years in the making.

A CryEngine 2 Modification based off of the popular book and film, Jurassic Park.

Also from the dev team and me, we would like to ask you if you are interested in it, to vote for us for the "MOTY" - Mod Of The Year award. We are in the top 100 for the "Best Upcoming Mods" and we would appreciate it greatly if you would support us in reaching our goal. So check out this link so you can vote: http://jurassicparkmod.com/forums/index.php?topic=118.0

Jurassic Park Mod Site - http://jurassicparkmod.com/
The Forums - http://www.jurassicparkmod.com/forums/

Thank you very much for reading this and stay tuned for more exciting news!

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What a great idea. Good luck with the project :D
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Has the Jurassic Park mod with actual dinos even been released for Far Cry yet? I remember it was in the *works* before the game was even released due to Crytek giving out the SDK early..... However it was never done. Come to think of it....hardly any mods were made for Far Cry, let alone TCs like Jurassic Park. :( I'd love to see some dino game made with either engine.... Licensing is a minor at this stage. you don't *have* to call it Jurassic Park or use any of their logos ect.
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No, this team was not the same team who were working on the Jurassic Park mod for Far Cry, and it got cancelled.