Unreal Engine 4, what to expect?

#1 Posted by REforever101 (11205 posts) -

So i just bought Daylight on steam. I'm curious what unreal engine 4 is going to be like. anyone have a better idea what improvements to expect?

#2 Posted by AdamPA1006 (6420 posts) -

I wouldnt expect too much, it will take a bit for the engine to reach its full potential. I especially wouldnt expect it to be a graphical powerhouse on a procedurally generated indie game, but hopefully it will show some future potential for the engine.

#3 Posted by Grey_Eyed_Elf (3912 posts) -

Really good lighting... Honestly I just played around with some of the tech demo's and that's the only thing that comes to mind, better lighting that UE3. With the right art style and the lighting in this engine developers can make very intense looking games.

#4 Posted by groowagon (2848 posts) -

i'm interested in seeing UE4 in action too, but Daylight doesn't seem to be doing much with it...

#5 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (14501 posts) -

Some talk about physics and colission detection would be nice for a change.

#6 Posted by groowagon (2848 posts) -

LOL Daylight got 3/10 here in Gamespot. guess we'll have to wait for better game. i knew it wouldn't be that great, but dayum....

#7 Posted by Neonakaa (79 posts) -

Probably the same I expect frome every Unreal Engine game, awesome engine that has a stable FPS and great graphics!