Universum: War Front – Action/RTS game created by one person

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Hello everyone,

When you played RTS or MOBA, did you ever wish to come down and keep the enemy at gunpoint in dynamic battles? In Universum you can:

- Command your troops on high or come down and keep the enemy at gunpoint in dynamic battles.

- Fight in 5 dimensions: ground, air, underground, open space, underwater.

- Play infantry, vehicles, mechs or alien creatures.

- Customize your character and researching new technologies.

- Enjoy beautiful graphics, realistic physics and incredible visual effects.

And all of this, on the beautiful landscapes of alien planets with their unique nature environment, physics and disasters, in the huge world of Universum.

Much more? Explore a global map of the universe, where your space troops will be able to resolve the dispute who will rule the Earth and the galaxy tomorrow..

So Universum: War Front is a new indie Sci-Fi ARTS game developed by only one person – Cyril Megem, who has spent a year and a half working on the art, programming and even music for the game of his dreams!

Having a lot of work done, Cyril planning to raise enough funds on his Kickstarter campaign to expand the team and release game faster and make it better than if he continue to develop it alone.

Official site: http://universumwar.com

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one person made THAT? wow...

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Is this gonna make it to Linux?

EDIT: Just checked the Kickstarter page and YES, IT IS.

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Despite the fact that Cyril focused on the Kickstarter campaigns, he has some progress in the development process also. So, let's take a look at his latest work on the main menu and on system of change quality settings on-fly.

Here is video demonstration:

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The concept reminds me of Battlezone, with more modern graphics of course.

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Hi there! Thanks for your comments!

This is a new joke video, that made just for fun when experimenting with the settings of visual effects and physics for tactical nuclear weapons in game:

In future, all large objects should be destroyed or moved (for example flying islands), also will be fire on trees and for some time will remain radiation after a nuclear explosion. But don't worry, this weapon will be balanced by not a less powerful and interesting opponents weapons. And it will be available only at the highest levels of character skills. Also, you cannot use this weapon as recklessly as shown in the video, because it destroy not only the enemies but your troops too if they are too close to explosion center. Unless you are going to make joke/surprise for your allies ;)

Hope you like it, and dont forget support this project on Kickstarter:


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Pretty amazing that it is made by one person and looks helluva alot of fun. Keeping my eye on this.

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Thank you!

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That's a talented person who made that.