Uninterruptible power supply question

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Hello. I bought a cheap UPS and had the PC, TV and PS3 connected to the battery. Last night there was a blackout and the battery didn't stay on as it was supposed to. I realized it was because of the TV and PS3, so now I only have the PC and it works as it should.

The TV, PS3 and my speakers setup are still connected to the UPS, but to the other side that doesn't have the battery protection. I turned off the UPS and realized the TV and PS3 still had their red led, which didn't happen before when they were connected to the battery.

My question is, should the UPS still give protection against voltage changes even when it's off?

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It will protect them, there's just a MOV in there and that is a passive component.

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It depends on the UPS wattage capacity on the battery. If you got a ps3 (150-200 watts of power) tv (70-450watts of power depending on if its led or plasma will be over 300 watts), and speakers could be 15-50 watts easily, more if its an 5.1/7.1 amplifier.

So at the most you are using 600+ watts of power, if its a cheap UPS i doubt its battery has that level of power capacity, but you should know since you bought it. I remember with my UPS it was rated at 450 watts about, but it couldn't handle my plasma tv, it would turn off. Which makes sense cause my plasmas power at a full bright screen uses over 400 watts... plus i had some other less draining devices in there.

So check the specs on the UPS. Also do a test and put less plugged into it to test if the battery even works. But if your running a plasma tv, get a really power UPS. I don't have my tv plugged in, its only plugged into the surge protection part of the UPS so it won't prevent the battery from powering other things.

Also the UPS batterys only last 10 minutes if your lucky. A but more if theres not much plugged in.