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I've never played a Tropico game before, but have heard really great things about them. Tropico 3 is on sale and Tropico 4 is right around the corner... should I wait for the newest one, or just get the third one?

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The 3rd is a good game, who knows how the 4th will turn out. Up to you which one to get really. There's quite a learning curve to the 3rd game, and it may or may not carry over to the 4th

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you can get Tropico 3 + expansion for like 7 bucks right now off Steam. Get it.

Tropico 4 looks...well, hopefully it is at least as good as Tropico 3. I'd take the safe bet, though, and get Tropico 3 (dont forget the expansion, too!) for less than a quarter of the cost of Tropico 4

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im not sure theres a demo of tropico 3 but there is one for 4.

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The demo for Tropico 4 is pretty good so I'm sure that game will be awesome. But right now you can get Tropico 3 + Absolute Power less than $7 and 4 doesn't look like it'll differ to heavily from 3.

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For people who have played the demo for 4 (I downloaded it, but haven't played it due to having nothing to compare it to), does the game seem better? If it's better in anyway I don't mind paying extra for it (if you buy from GMG it's only like 27 bucks from what i've heard)

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From what I've heard on the internet it seems to more like an expansion, instead of a full game... but it seems overall like an improvement(even if it is minor) from what i've heard. The only things I heard aren't in the 4th game is someone called Jaunito, and that they changed some music from the 3rd.

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From the look of Tropico 4 demo, it looks just like a rehashed Tropico 3 with little enhancements. Tropico 3 is pretty cheap on GamersGate, should grab that.

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Hmm... I may just wait for the 4th to come out then see what people say about it then. i'd hate to buy a game then replace it right after :P . Tropico 3 and/or Tropico 4 will probably be on sale again pretty soon.

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I caved and bought Tropico 3 Gold... then used the rest of the money to buy Deus Ex:HR :P . I'll keep an eye out for Tropico 4 if it goes on sale in the future.